Whitney Minneapolis Boudoir Photo Shoot Twin Cities MN

Dark moody sexy adult groom gift natural light  portrait. Boudoir  Photo Shoot at home studio. Saint Paul Boudoir Photographer
Dark moody sexy adult with natural light  portrait. Boudoir  Photo Shoot at home studio.  Twin Cities Boudoir Photography
Mauve pink lace bodysuit with gray feather wings in dark moody boudoir portrait. Midwest Boudoir Photographer Whitney Boudoir Photo shoot

Here I used natural window lighting to create a dark moody feel blacking out the background so the gray feather wings are highlighted just peeking out from the dark background.

Intimate Lifestyle  pink lace lingerie sexy woman erotic photo,  moody dark boudoir, Saint Paul MN Minnesota Midwest Photographer
Sexy adult photo shoot in bed with gray faux fur throw. Boudoir photographers, MN Photography Whitney Boudoir Photo shoot
Woman with hip tattoo lays on bed with faux fur throw. Intimate portrait boudoir photography photographers. Twin Cities Boudoir Photographer
Woman with hip tattoo in black lace lingerie burlesque holding pink feather fan in boudoir photo shoot.
Saint Paul Boudoir Photographer
Blonde woman  lays on bed with faux fur throw. Dark moody sexy boudoir photography using natural light, Minneapolis Photography studio Whitney Boudoir Photo shoot
Whitney Boho Intimate boudoir portrait shoot, blonde sitting in a rattan peacock chair with floral backdrop, Midwest boudoir photographers Whitney Boudoir Photo shoot

Loving the dark moody boho chic style of this image. This is the first shoot where I am using the wicker peacock chair with the dark floral tapestry backdrop

Black and white classy intimate portrait with natural window light, Minneapolis MN Minnesota Boudoir Photography
Woman in pink lace lengire lays on bed with faux fur throw. Boudoir portait in wicker boho chic dark moody. Minneapolis Boudoir Photographer
Woman sexy adult classy portrait in pink lace lingerie, Minneapolis Intimate Lifestyle photography Whitney Boudoir Photo shoot
woman plays with studios Burlesque mauve feather fan,  classy film look in boudoir portrait, Saint Paul Photographers

Playing with my studios Burlesque mauve feather fan, available for any shoot in my client closet.

curvy woman sexy seats on  Peacock rattan chair in adult classy portrait with natural light, MN Minnesota Boudoir Photography Intimate Lifestyle

One of my favorite images from Whitney’s boudoir photo shoot using my new dark floral backdrop and rattan wicker peacock chair for a bohemian boho chic style.

Dark moody black and white intimate portrait  with angel wings, using window light. Twin Cities Boudoir Photographer

Whitney Boudoir Intimate Photo Shoot. Whitney visited my Twin Cities Minneapolis, MN home photography studio located in Uptown recently for her classy beauty Boudoir shoot! This is just a peek of a few of images with my client wardrobe using a mauve pink lace bodysuit and the Burlesque feather fan I made years ago for one of the first bedroom boudoire shoots I ever photographed for a bridal wedding client back in Chicago, IL. We also were able to shoot with my new rattan peacock wicker chair and gorgeous dark floral backdrop for that boho chic style.

Loving this beautiful fun natural portrait pose with natural window light that came out in a moody classic style. We took more with the silver or gray feather angel wings I made that she rocked too! Thank you Whitney it was great working with you!

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