Some tips on choosing the right Wedding Photographer

Some tips on choosing the right Wedding Photographer! I have been a wedding photographer for over a decade and have decided to write a blog post to help couples choose the right photographer for them. Below are some tips that I have found that have been helpful in a couples search for hiring the right photographer for their wedding day.

1. INVEST in a Pro!

I emphasized invest because you want to make sure you are hiring someone who will take care in documenting your wedding day and know what they are doing! I always like to think that I am documenting a couples wedding not only for them but for their families future generations. That the images from their wedding day will become a families heirloom keepsake.

Each big city will have a large pool of photographers to choose from all offering their own price point. Stay within your budget of course but make sure you are hiring someone who has a more than a few weddings under their belt too. Ask any potential photographer if they have two to three full wedding galleries they can show you, so you can have a good idea of what to expect once your images are delivered, plus you can really decide if their style is what you are looking for.

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2. Adore Their Style!

Weddings are unique to each couples style so you should hire a photographer who can capture that! Take to Pinterest and make a style board of your favorite poses, lighting techniques, and backdrops. Narrow down from there if you like a light and airy feel to the images or a more colorful saturated vibrant feel to the images.

There are lots of styles to choose from. For example do you want a sophisticated editorial posed style or a more candid photojournalism or documentary style with more black and white images? Or do you want a fun quirky style over a more classic traditional? Finally are you looking for a more urban feel or backdrops in the great outdoors? Don’t follow trends! Go with what your instinct loves!

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3. Get to know them in person over coffee

Whenever I have a wedding inquiry I offer to buy a potential client coffee. They need to get to know me, my personality, and if overall it’s a fit. Coffee is a great icebreaker to answer any questions they may have about my wedding pricing, my contract, delivery times, and the process as a whole. I will generally be with them the entire day of their wedding, even though I do stay in the background, it’s a pretty intimate thing being there with their friends and family on one of the most important days of their lives.

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4. Ask them about the Experience

Let’s be honest wedding photography is an investment. You should be getting an amazing experience not just your stunning wedding images.

Ask if the photographer offers a complimentary engagement session with their wedding collections. I like to offer an engagement session with all of my packages because it gives me a chance to better know my clients before their big day. It also lets them get to know me better and how I work so the day of their wedding they are more comfortable in front of the camera.

You should also ask about the booking process, do they offer online contracts and payments? Do they accept credit cards or cash only? Do they have a questionnaire for you to fill out and is that online as well? Wedding planning is already complicated your wedding vendors should be embracing technology and making things as simple for you as possible.

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5. Do your personalities mesh?

Typically your wedding photographer is going to be with you about eight hours during your wedding day. That’s a long time to potentially be hanging out with someone you might have an awkward exchange with! Which in the end you won’t be yourself in front of the camera and you potentially won’t be happy with your photos.

Remember earlier when I mentioned meeting for coffee? Yeah then, make sure you go with your gut that you like this person, that you can work with with them as your authentic self. I love to document a couples wedding day so I tend to photograph the genuine candid moments of laughter. The couple needs to feel completely comfortable in front me for that to happen.

When you have narrowed down which photographers you like really go over their websites. Most photographers have an About Me section where they should have a brief biography about who they are and what they like. Use this as a guide to whether or not you think you will connect with this person.

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So that’s it! I hope this will help in your search for a Minneapolis Wedding Photographer, or where ever you are searching for one. Please feel free to contact me for any other questions you may have in your wedding photographer search!