The Most Important Photos to Take at Your Wedding!

I just have to share this great article about planning your wedding with a details list of thirty suggested images to make sure your wedding photographer gets while documenting your big day!

Check out the full article here:

Being a documentary wedding photographer over the past ten years I have completed this list during big and small weddings, it’s all about the details! You are probably going to put a lot of planning into your day, my job as your photographer is to document all your hard work once it’s all put together. Just about every wedding I have photographed the couple will comment afterwards how the day went by so fast and they’re thankful to have the photos to relive it or even see what they missed!

Make sure to make your dream wedding your DREAM wedding, but also make sure to take a moment once and awhile to remember why you are planning the party of your life in the first place….. to celebrate the one you love and the life you will be sharing together!

Yay! Now take a break and go have a movie night together.

If you would like to see the sample album I created from a real wedding check out that blog post here.