Pardon our dust while I fix my website!

Pardon our dust…. Grey Tree Studios planned on starting the new year off right and I have started updating my website and blog with a new website template! A fresh new look for all of my wedding, engagement, boudoir, and portrait photography portfolios.

With all of that it involves switching over to a new hosting server that has lost some info on older blog posts! So hold tight as I update the older posts with their photos and other content (yikes its going to take a little while, ten years worth of blog posts lost!!!!) but check out the new website if you have a chance. Most of it is just a transfer over to the new design but have added some new images too. Please stay tuned and let me know what you think!


Minneapolis, Minnesota skyline with the Central SE bridge and Mississippi river in the early morning with the full moon. Grand Opening, Pardon Our Dust

While you “pardon our dust” enjoy the above image that I took during one of my first trips to Minneapolis while I was apartment hunting to move here last summer. I wok up at 4am to get this image with the full moon over the Minneapolis skyline next to the Mississippi River and the iconic Stone Arch Bridge walkway.