Mystic Boudoir Photography Shoot

Mystic Boudoir photography shoot with tarot cards. Inspired with the upcoming Halloween holiday I decided to do a themed mystic boudoir portrait shoot! To add a little pop of color I made the purple indigo tulle detachable long skirt with a satin black ribbon. I think it turned out fantastic!

Mystic Boudoir Photography Shoot, Tarot Cards, Taro, Halloween, tattoos, witch, dark, moody, Minneapolis, Twin Cities, Saint Paul, Minnesota Boudoir

This image was shot completely with natural window lighting, the wooden room divider diffused it just right to almost create a spot light effect on the woman and background.

Twin Cities Boudoir Photography Shoot, Tarot Card, Taro, Halloween, tattoos, dark, moody, Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Minnesota Boudoir, spider

Had to get a bit creative to highlight this spider tarot card for this booty shot with the caged lingerie!

Carved Wooden Screen Room divider, backdrop, background, Boudoir Photographers Minneapolis, Halloween, moody, dark, Twin Cities Portrait Photography

I recently bought these carved wooden room dividers to use as a backdrop for boudoir photography shoots in my Minneapolis, Minnesota portrait studio. I love how the light from the window, along with a fixed studio light, illuminated through to give this beautiful moody feel.

Thank you to Kieran for collaborating on this Halloween inspired boudoir portrait shoot! She provided most of the props, tarot cards and goth lingerie with accessories, plus she did her own hair and makeup!

If you would like to find out more information on how to schedule a specialty themed boudoir photography shoot please visit my contact page to get in touch!