Ok folks, so here we go! Things are starting to reopen here in Minnesota and the Governor has started to allow small weddings of ten people or less as of the last week of May 2020!

After more than a couple of months of being shut down from the COVID-19 pandemic I couldn’t be happier that life is starting to get back to our new normal. 2020 has certainly been an interesting ride so far, but going forward we all need to be learn, and put into practice, how to have a safe social distancing wedding for everyones sake.

Personally I have my 70 year old father to worry about, along with my partner and his family members, so please keep this in mind about all of your Minnesota vendors, in addition to your own families, if you have any symptoms as per the CDC website before your scheduled photography portrait session or wedding.

My last blog post was about the practices my wedding photography studio is implementing when photographing your Minnesota wedding or portrait shoot around the Twin Cities. Now I wanted to write a post with some tips on what you can do as clients to make sure your guests and vendors can enjoy your wedding without worry.

  • Meet with your vendors virtually. With today’s technology this is a no brainer. From the venue to the dress the wedding industry is adapting to the new normal. I’ve already had more than a few client meetings through Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime. My clients can even sign their contract digitally and make payments online all the while communicating through email or text with any questions they have. Earlier on in the pandemic some couples were social distancing their wedding through some of these online communication methods too.
  • Start small and have the big party later. Since I started photographing weddings in 2008 I have had more than a few couples who have eloped then were talked into at least a big reception, sometimes with another ceremony, with family and friends later on. Same applies with the pandemic. Tie the knot now with a smaller social distancing group, then plan to have the big party with all your friends and family next year. I just booked a couple who is having their big party with a vow renewal on their one year wedding anniversary, symbolic, romantic, and smart!
  • Have a backup plan. If you or anyone start to have symptoms close to your wedding day, have a backup plan and consider buying wedding insurance if you need to reschedule. I’ve had a few couples who have rescheduled a couple of times this year already and ultimately opted for next year all together.
  • Budget for Masks & Gloves for your guests. It’s a sad but a necessary precaution right now for everyone invited, including vendors. The way we get back to normal is for everyone to work together to stop the spread of COVID-19. I will personally be bringing my own mask to all photoshoots going forward to help protect you and your guests.

Thank you for taking the time to read through some of my Minneapolis Wedding Photographer tips and suggestions! Here is some more information to consider when planning your wedding during a pandemic.

Also check out my blog post on some of the new trending terms being used for smaller weddings, how they are seemingly the same but different in definition, and you can better decide on how to plan your 2020 wedding.

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