Elopement or Micro Weddings in 2020

Elopement Micro Weddings, Petite Weddings, Sequel Weddings, or Minimonys (click on the link for more detailed definitions of each)…. the new trends in getting married in the age of COVID-19. So let’s break all of this terminology down shall we?

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Elopement weddings traditionally just include the bride and groom with witnesses at a destination location with adventure or simply at a local courthouse. They are also considered Micro weddings or Minimonys and tend to be held at a court house, usually an urban location or backyard weddings but can also be held at a beautiful park or by a gorgeous lakeside beach ceremony. Really your elopement ceremony locations can be almost anywhere you like!

Intimate Weddings or small – petite weddings are just that a cozy fete with just close friends and family. Usually just a best man and maid of honor for the bridal party and like the above elopement locations your ceremony can be held at an outdoor smaller venue in quiet nature with an intimate reception afterwards. These types of weddings are becoming the norm in 2020 due to the pandemic and so you should also think on how to avoid crowds too. To do so consider a weekday wedding which may seem not as romantic but it should allow for available date options too. Google iconic outdoor wedding locations that tend to be more crowded on weekends but probably won’t be during the week.

Sequel Weddings are simply the wedding you had planned before the pandemic maybe planned to be at a charming hotel. Some couples have opted to tie the knot now with one of the above options and then have a sequel wedding or their big wedding with a large guest list and indoor or bigger venue at a future date.

If you are thinking or already planning an elopement or small ceremony rather than a big wedding I would love to chat as a Minnesota Elopement Photographer and a Minneapolis Wedding photographer with over a decades experience photographing wedding ceremonies of all sizes.

Below I have listed some popular Twin Cities Minnesota wedding locations that may help in finding the perfect spot for your small wedding ceremony.

Courthouse Weddings in Minnesota

Courthouse wedding locations in Minneapolis – St Paul Minnesota Hennepin County:

Family Justice Center – St Paul, MN

Minnesota Capitol Building – St Paul, MN

Government center – Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis City Hall – Minneapolis, MN

Hennepin County – Minneapolis, MN

A pro tip is to check with your Minnesota Elopement Photographer for the best time of day for the best lighting for your chosen outdoor ceremony location too.

Elopement Wedding Ceremony Locations in Minnesota

Minneapolis and St Paul venues with COVID-19 Wedding Packages and outdoor options for small wedding ceremonies:

Semple Mansion – Minneapolis, MN

Paikka – St Paul, MN

Neu NeuMinneapolis, MN

Blaisdell MansionMinneapolis, MN

American Swedish InstituteMinneapolis, MN

Nicollet Island Pavillion – Minneapolis, MN

Lyndale Rose Garden – Minneapolis, MN

Summit Overlook – St Paul, MN

Longfellow gardens – Minneapolis, MN

Water Power Park – Minneapolis, MN

Minnehaha FallsMinneapolis, MN

McColl Pond – Savage, MN

Hidden FallsMinneapolis, MN

Rice ParkSt Paul, MN