Irene and Steve Chicago, Illinois Wedding Photography Preview

Irene & Steve Married! I have started editing Irene and Steve’s downtown Chicago wedding and had to share this image from Milton Olive Lee Park near Chicago’s Navy Pier. This is one of my favorite parks to take wedding portraits at since it’s never very crowded like the infamous Alder Planetarium spot is. You still get a good, all be it, partial view of the Chicago skyline with Lake Michigan.

Milton Olive Lee Park Chicago Wedding Photography Irene & Steve Married

I liked this image with the trees framing the top of the image, especially since the sun was so high in the sky which tends to blow the sky out unless you have some extra lights to work with. I didn’t have an assistant this day to carry any extra equipment!

Vertical images are great for portraits too so I like to highlight or feature them in a post now and then. They allow for the full train of the wedding gown to show and force you to center the bride and groom in the middle of the frame and is a wider shot generally. That way they have a couple of more options depending on if they decide to print the image out and frame it.

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