How I made my Boudoir Angel Wings

Completed boho angel wings boudoir photography Minneapolis, Minnesota DIY Midwest

How I made my silver dark gray Boudoir Angel Wings

Boudoir Wings DIY! Below are the steps I took in making my studios client silver dark grey boudoir angel wings. I bought some of the materials at my local hardware store, the copper wire, and fabric store the lace material with elastic straps. The rest I bought online, the feathers (I ended up needing about 400), and the hot glue gun with full size glue sticks.

All in all the wings took me about four days to make. The first day I laid everything out to see how the feathers would lay, shaped the copper wire, and trimmed the lace fabric a little at a time for to achieve it’s form. The second day I hot glued the lace to the copper wire and let it sit overnight. The third day I started gluing the feathers to the lace, taking my time to make sure they were sticking and laying how I wanted.

Sensual pose in bed with feather angel wings prop. Intimate portrait  anniversary gift. Minneapolis boudoire photography. Chicago Wedding Photographers
4mm Copper Electrical Wire bent to shape the frame. Angel wings DIY

4mm Copper Electrical Wire bent to shape of Boudoir Wings frame

Lace laid out to to see how they lay over the copper wire. Angel Wings prop DIY
Lace material laid out to see how it over frame, 4 yards folded in half
Feathers for angel wings photography studio prop DIY. Twin Cities photographers
I then laid out the feathers to see if I had enough! Originally I only ordered 160, I ended up needing double that.
Grey feathers Saint Paul Minnesota Photographer
I also laid down a cheap shower curtain so the hot glue wouldn’t stick to my floors. The glue did leak through and stuck to the shower curtain so I made sure to pull up the wings a bit after gluing two to three feathers on. Some of the feathers weren’t great in the packages I bought. The scrawnier ones I would use as fillers along the edges mostly.
Gray angel wings prop for boudoir photography Minneapolis Minnesota, USA. Chicago Wedding Photographers
I hand sewed on some 2 inch white elastic straps and used a mannequin to see how everything would look as I started to glue the silver / gray feathers on.
Completed boho angel wings boudoir photography prop Minneapolis  photographer. Chicago Wedding Photographers
All finished! I used about 15 full size hot glue sticks, 300 feathers, 4 yards of lace, 8ft of 4mm copper wire, and 2 inch wide elastic for the straps.

The final result was amazing, though I don’t think I made the split between the wings wide enough so I will be removing some feathers and trimming the middle split more so those beautiful booties can be seen!

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