Austin’s Studio Portrait Shoot

I photographed Austin’s studio portrait shoot in my uptown Minneapolis studio. Austin wanted some images to highlight his beautiful new black rose right arm tattoo’s so we set up a date and time to do a quick shoot at my home studio. I mainly used natural window light with a day light studio light as a fill to help bring out some detail in the dark and moody images.

Austin's Studio Portrait shoot, maroon red shirt, male model
Austin's Studio Portrait shoot, black rose tattoo detail
tattoo, rose, black, white, detail, man rolling up shirt sleeves, studio photography
Boudoir Photographer Man Intimate Portraiture Twin Cities, Austin's Studio Portrait
Austin's Studio Portrait, Male, Man Intimate Portrait Photography Twin Cities, Uptown

I like the hint of detail of his tattoo’s in this image, the way the light fades gradually from left to right.

Austin's Studio Portrait, Boudoir, Man Intimate Portraiture Minnesota
Austin Male Intimate Portrait Photography Twin Cities

Loving the low angle on this image with the highlights on the wooden floor from the natural window light. It makes my studio space look a bit bigger than it is I think!

Austin's Studio Portrait, Man Intimate Portrait Photography Minneapolis, Boudoir Photography

My studio has light grey walls that are perfect for a neutral backdrop for boudoir, actor, or commercial portraiture.

Austin's Studio Portrait, Male, Man Intimate Portrait Photography Twin Cities, Minneapolis, black and white, taking shirt off, man, dudoir
Dark moody Male Intimate Portrait Minneapolis, Boudoir Photographer, dudoir, guy, man, natural light, window
black and white, Dark moody Male Intimate Portrait, photo, natural, window light, boudoir, dudeoir, boudoire, classy, classic, Minneapolis, sexy, muscle, Austin's Studio Portrait

This is one of my favorite images. I’ve been working on balancing the natural window light with a studio fill light to be able to bring out some detail on the subjects silhouette. I think it’s successful the way the light is highlighting his torso!

If you would like to schedule a portrait shoot, commercial, actor, or boudoir, please contact me or schedule directly through my online calendar.